Weiyin Chen with Camerata RCO Date:2015-10-06

Luister  CD Review  Date : 2015 Oct. 

(Summary in English)

It starts with some doubts about the reason to make the recording of two pieces so often recorded well. But then…In the first place, the young Taiwanese-American pianist Weiyin Chen makes this CD worthwhile. She plays Mozart in a lyrical innocent way, which fits perfectly to this work composed in 1782. She drags the listeners into the story in a convincing way. The second reason why this CD is so interesting is that both concertos are executed in a chamber version played by Camerata RCO. Mozart and Mendelssohn do not need more musicians than a string quartet and an extra double bass when these members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra are playing. Especially Mendelssohn’s 35-minute concerto is a fascinating jewel with, again, a disarming Chen and a gorgeous violin part by Marc Daniel van Biemen.

 (translated by Hein Wiedijk)

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